Morgan Wade Wins First Gold in BMX Big Air, Kevin Robinson Retires

Last night Morgan Wade went bigger than ever before on the MegaRamp at X Games, and it resulted in his first-ever gold medal in Big Air. With a huge backflip superman over the gap and a triple tailwhip on the quarterpipe, it was going to be hard for anyone to upset Wade. However, Zack Warden came out swinging with his backflip, bikeflip to late tailwhip over the gap (a combination of tricks he has personally launched onto the scene) and capped it off with a triple tailwhip of his own on the quarterpipe but was only able to pull in third just behind Vince Byron who landed a 540 double tailwhip on the quarterpipe. In addition to the first for Wade, Kevin Robinson had his last hoorah on the MegaRamp and announced his retirement from competition prior to the event. Robinson landed in sixth when everything was said and done. Take a look below at the complete results and watch Wade's winning run!


1st Place – Morgan Wade, 91.66

2nd Place – Vince Byron, 91.33

3rd Place – Zack Warden, 89.66

4th Place – Chad Kagy, 88.33

5th Place – Colton Satterfield, 86.66

6th Place – Kevin Robinson, 86.00

7th Place – Andy Buckworth, 80.33

8th Place – Steve McCann, 71.00