Better Half: Kevin Windham's Wife Dottie

Everyone’s got a Better Half, but only at Alli do you hear about being hooked with motocross greats. For this edition, we caught up with Dottie Windham, wife of 2010 Steel City National champion, veteran rider and fan-favorite Kevin. The outdoor series got lucky this year with K-Dub racing the last half of the nationals, so we checked in with Dottie about their family back in Mississippi and being outdoors for a last go around. 

What’s it like being in a relationship with a professional motocross rider?
Holy hell! I’m just kidding. It’s wonderful.

Explain your role in the world of Kevin Windham.
First off wife, mother, cook, cleaner, secretary, sexatary, confidant. 

Do you go to a lot of races and get to see him compete?
Yes I do, but now that we have four children its slacked off a bit.

Is the travel schedule difficult to deal with?
It is difficult. Supercross is easy because the airports are in and out, but outdoors is not as easy.

Where did you grow up?
Addis, Louisiana!

What kind of things are you into, what are your hobbies?
Taking care of Kevin and the kids. I like to run, I’m a runner.


How did you guys meet?
We met at a local track where I went to watch my current brother-in-law. Kevin knew them, but not me and wanted to find out who I was and meet me. He kind of stared at me for a long time when he came over for the first time. We were like 12. 

Do you remember your first date?
We were 14. I wasn’t able to date yet, but my brother-in-law and sister were going to watch Gallagher at the Centraplex in Baton Rouge.

How long have you two been together?
We’ve been serious since 1995. Our 10-year anniversary is at the end of this month. That’s an a championship!

Do you guys have or are planning to have children?
Madeleine Marie is 7, Annabelle Paulette is 5, Kevin Wayne, Jr. is 3 and Elizabeth Rose is 1 year old.

Are you going to let them ride motocross?
Only if they want to, no pressure.

Walk us through a typical date night.
We call our friends Dwayne and Felicia to see if they are doing anything. We always want to go by ourselves, but we are by ourselves after driving an hour to meet anyone and go on a date night so we always call someone. We go eat our favorite sushi restaurant, Tsumanis, down in Baton Rouge. We do date night, but it’s been a little less lately, but now that we’re opening some Planet Fitness gyms in Lafayette, so date days turn into date nights checking on the businesses.

What is your favorite vacation spot?
Changes pretty much every year, the girls love the beach. We bought a lake house at Foss River in Louisiana. That’s been our spot for the last two summers.

Give us an inside secret or funny story that fans don’t know about him.
Kevin Windham can nail “Love Shack Baby” on karaoke. (tape apparently exists)