My Five: Ashley Fiolek

My Five is an Alli feature where we ask five fun questions to different athletes and compile all the answers. For this installment, we talked to women's motocross rider Ashley Fiolek.

What company would be your dream sponsor?
Definitely a sushi sponsor, Love the stuff!! I could even wear chopsticks in my hair or something like that! Although a pink hair dye company would also save me a lot of dough!

What traumatized you as kid?
Gee…nothing I can think of, life is good!

Who or what would you consider your nemesis?
Let’s see, probably just myself, like when you have self doubt or start thinking negative…not a good way to go! Although after the "roasting" that he gave me at the year end MX banquet I may have to say Jason Weigandt!

What car would you never want to be seen driving?
Those new Cube cars are kinda scary!

What’s your favorite track?
Gotta be RedBud and Thunder Valley at night!

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