Trey Canard Ready to Return to SX in Anaheim

Trey Canard has been through a number of serious injuries, the last four of which were back-to-back only allowing a race or two between them. Canard's most recent injury was a broken back, amoung a few other broken bones, that typically would not allow anyone to return to a regular life. Canard, however, has not only made a full recovery but he plans to ride this weekend at the supercross season opener in Anaheim, California. Look for Canard riding his signature #41 at A1 this weekend, but before that take a half hour to watch the documentary below where Canard walks you through his life on a bike from his first ride, to why he uses #41 and even through all of his injuries and his most recent recovery. If you are still hungry for more moto content after that, take another minute to watch the track animation for this weekend's A1 race.