Wil Hahn Holds Off Dean Wilson in Atlanta for First Career Supercross Victory

A year after the GEICO Honda team swept both 250 Supercross titles, their 2013 East Coast title hopes rest with Wil Hahn, one of the region's top four contenders. Tonight in Atlanta, Hahn continued to confirm the expectation that this would be a breakout year.

Hahn's night started off with a heat win, in which he made contact with teammate Zach Bell on the race's final lap to get around and take over the lead. He carreied that momentum into the Main Event, grabbing the holeshot and holding off Dean Wilson for the next 15 laps.

Wilson spent the entire race trying to run down Hahn. He stayed within 3 seconds for much of the race and got fairly close on the final lap, but never had enough to truly challenge him. The winner of last weekend's event, Deano would settle for 2nd and holds onto the red plate for another week.

The final spot on the podium went to Marvin Musquin, who worked his way around Justin Hill and Blake Wharton early in the race. Wharton held on for 4th, while Hill lost another spot to fellow rookie Jeremy Martin, finishing behind him in 6th.

Gavin Faith put in another strong ride, taking 7th, and Zach Bell posted a top-ten finish after last week's hard crash. Bell nearly won his heat race, but fell from 1st to 5th on the last lap after being passed by Hahn, then crashing while battling Musquin.

Atlanta 250SX Results

1. Wil Hahn
2. Dean Wilson
3. Marvin Musquin
4. Blake Wharton
5. Jeremy Martin
6. Justin Hill
7. Gavin Faith
8. Kyle Peters
9. Vince Friese
10. Zach Bell
11. Mitchell Oldenburg
12. Lance Vincent
13. Cole Thompson
14. Jimmy Decotis
15. Steven Clarke
16. Gareth Swanepoel
17. Adam Gulley
18. AJ Catanzaro
19. Kurtis McCabe
20. Jackson Richardson

250SX East Point Standings

1. Dean Wilson, 47
2. Wil Hahn, -2
3. Blake Wharton, -7
4. Marvin Musquin, -12
5. Kyle Peters, -16
6. Justin Hill, -16
7. Gavin Faith, -19
8. Vince Friese, -23
9. Lance Vincent, -27
10. Jimmy Decotis, -27