Athlete Spotlight: Nolan Munroe

We put together some of the best Nolan Munroe skate photos and gathered his thoughts on what was going on in each picture. Check out the spread and the skate montage for some vert and bowl flicks and footage.

Check out this highlight video of Nolan skating


First time I did a madonna to tail around the corner it was a mellow session with a few local kids and I tried it and it worked out a couple tries later. It's one of my favorites to do in the Combi.

The Mega is one of my favorite things to skate. The first time I skated the Mega was at Bob's house and man the first time is really sketchy. Doing Christ airs on the quarterpipe are really fun to do.

The more you do the Mega the more comfortable you get with it. I was sketchy at first, but the more you do it the easier it becomes. The last session I had was really fun and that's when this photo was taken.

This is a frontside varial, one of my favorite tricks because they feel really good when I do them. This one is at the Bowl-a-Rama contest in Bondi, Australia….Best contest ever! Always looking forward to a trip to Bondi.