My Five: Skate Crew 1

My Five is an Alli feature where we ask the same five questions to five different athletes and compile all the crazy answers for your reading pleasure. For this installment, we talked to skaters Bastien Salabanzi, Pedro Barros, Anthony Furlong, Aquil Brathwaite and Alex Perelson. 

Question 1: What’s the best advice someone has given you?

Bastien Salabanzi: Have fun skating.

Pedro Barros: Just be with your friends because with them you’re with everyone. Just having your friends and family is all you need.

Anthony Furlong: Believe in yourself

Aquil Brathwaite: Just have fun. I can’t even remember who told me… Paul, Jereme, all the big dudes.

Alex Perelson: Probably something my dad told me. I ask him questions and he helps me with life. 


Question 2: Who’s your favorite living celebrity?

Bastien Salabanzi: Jimmy Page

Pedro Barros: Eric Clapton

Anthony Furlong: Bob Dylan

Aquil Brathwaite: My fellow skaters.

Alex Perelson: I don’t really have a favorite. I watched that movie “Chopper” a couple nights ago, and that guy’s pretty cool. 


Question 3: What’s something that’s always in your backpack?

Bastien Salabanzi: An instrument, like a harmonica.

Pedro Barros: Ipod

Anthony Furlong: My Ipod

Aquil Brathwaite: A skate tool.

Alex Perelson: I guess pads if I’m going skating. 


Question 4: When was the last time you got angry?

Bastien Salabanzi: I can’t remember. I’m just a laid-back guy. I don’t get mad at anything.

Pedro Barros: I don’t remember getting mad that much.

Anthony Furlong: Yesterday, when I skated like crap.

Aquil Brathwaite: Twenty-five minutes ago about how hot it is out here in Portland.

Alex Perelson: Hmm, I don’t know. Nothing really pops out. 


Question 5: Dogs or cats?

Bastien Salabanzi: Cats. I grew up with cats.

Pedro Barros: Dogs

Anthony Furlong: Dogs

Aquil Brathwaite: Oh man, dogs all day. I have a little tiny dog named Bow-bow.

Alex Perelson: Dogs


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