Kyle Mack Double Podiums at O'Neill Evolution

The O'Neill Evolution competiton, part of the World Snowboard Tour, wrapped up today with both women's and men's Big Air finales following the halfpipe contests earlier this week. From start to finish, the six-day event consisted of a number of highlights including Gian Simmen, Swiss snowboard legend, taking part in his final professional competition only to land himself in 6th place and to watch two up-and-coming fellow Swiss take top honors in the halfpipe as Jan Scherrer and Verena Rohrer reigned supreme. Then, on the Big Air kicker Europe saw it's first-ever triple cork go down in competition by Maxence Parrot who went on to win the Men's Big Air while Miyabi Onitsuka won the women's division. Another huge highlight of the event was 15-year-old Kyle Mack's first-ever frontside triple rodeo and his double podiums earning him two second places for the weekend! Below you can watch Parrot's winning backside triple cork 1440 and Kyle Mack's frontside triple rodeo. For more videos check out the World Snowboard Tour's YouTube page.

Maxence Parrot's winning backside triple cork 1440

Kyle Mack's frontside triple rodeo