AWSM on ALLI Full Episode 15 | TWS Cinematographer Project, Top 5 Videos


It's that time again. Time to get AWSM!If you still haven't seen the newest TransWorld SKATEboarding dvd, The Cinematographer Project, than Todd Richards is here to tell you that you need to! This video takes a new twist on a skate video. Rather the focus be on the athletes, this video highlights the creative abilities of the filmers in the skate industry. Thirteen filmers, 145 skaters, one video -- go watch it, then go skate and film!So you think you're good at skating? Before you start bragging to your bros, check out this 10-year-old girl who likely skates better than you! Oscar Loreto and Adaptive Action Sports are here to remind and encourage everyone with a disability that anything is possible if you want it bad enough. Is this the rebirth of flatground skating? Not exactly, but this guy has fun in his garage making up tricks. Coachella brought most people pure happiness, but this girl got worked on a slip-n-slide and may not remember the happy stuff. Bode Merrill does a giant one-foot 720 on a snowboard -- with style! All of this can be found in this week's Top 5 Videos from AWSM on Alli.