AWSM on Alli Full Episode 17 | Chris Cole Lite SE DC Shoe, Lowers Pro, Top 5


Kickflip your way through college, or at least sixth through twelfth. The first video Richards brings you this week is about Kona school, an action sports school emphasizing arts and graphic design on the campus that includes their skatepark. Then the brothers Jackson trip around in their new movie, Brothers On The Run. Followed by an illegal run with a dash camera. A second coming of snow from Breckenridge with their Breck's Second Season edit. Finally, Top 5 ends with a preview to the anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops II -- AWSM game!Last week was the annual Lowers Pro at Trestles, and the entertainment factor was as high as ever with Gabriel Mendina fighting his way through every round for the first place finish in the end. Richards just loved it and wanted to show you all how AWSM it was.Chris Cole's new shoes are tight and light! Richards reviews Chris Cole's Lite SE shoe for DC, he has been wearing some recently so he knows what he's talking about. This sounds like the next generation of skate shoes to swarm the market, be on the look out for some in shops near you!