Dual-Threat Kent Callister and Brooke Voigt Crowned Snowboard Slopestyle Champions

The second day of the Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals brought with it snowboard slopestyle finals for the men and women. Considering the prize at-hand for the winners - a spot in next year's Winter Dew Tour - It's only fitting that the finalists were tasked with mastering a course designed for pro riders. While the course did present itself as a challenge for many riders, they still rose to the occasion in impressive fashion.

In the men's contest, 16-year-old Kent Callister was the last rider scheduled to drop in for his run, allowing him time to take stock of the contest. "It's a little bit [of an advantage] just to see if anyone was landing their run or not," Callister said.

Kent Callister

Among the riders Callister got to watch was 21-year-old Mark Reininga, a past finalist in the Gatorade Free Flow Tour. In his run, Reininga landed a 50-50 to frontside 360 out up top and a backside 900 on the first jump, putting him in the lead.

A few minutes later, Callister dropped into the course and layed down a sick run, exhibiting control on the top rails and landing some big spins on the jumps at the bottom. Most importantly for the Bend, Oregon native, he executed all the tricks he wanted to get into his run, leaving nothing on the table. Callister's run started off with a frontside lipslide on the first rail, into a boardslide to fakie on the 2nd rail. After a cab boardslide 270 out off the cannonbox, Callister then reached the jumps section, lofting a cab 900, and then adding a frontside 1080 as the exclamation point to his run.

Becoming the first rider top crack into the 80's with his score, Callister grabbed the top spot, outscoring Reininga by just a single point.

The 2nd set of runs was a wait and see game for Callister, but even with everyone going all out, no one was able to top his score.

By the time the contest circled back around to him, the contest was locked up, and he just took a mellow victory lap through the course. "The course was super fun," an excited Callister said after the contest. "I really liked it."

With the win, Callister earns a pre-qualified spot in next year's Winter Dew Tour. "That'll be pretty sweet," he said, looking ahead to next year. "I'm stoked to do that."

One of two riders competing in both disciplines this weekend, Callister will now look to carry over his success to Sunday's superpipe finals.

Mark Reininga held on for 2nd place, while fellow video contest winner Wylie Adams took home 3rd.

In the women's division, 18-year-old Brooke Voigt claimed the top spot. Making the trip with her boyfriend Tyler Macrae, who competed in the men's contest, the Canadian went 50-50 on the first rail, into a 50-50 frontside boardslide, then a tailgrab off the cannon rail. She then landed a smooth frontside 360 on the first jump, earning points from the judges for her execution.

Voigt was challenged by Nirvana Ortanez and Jessika Jenson, both of whom landed back-to-back 360s, but ultimately had to settle for 2nd and 3rd, respectively. We also saw some solid riding from Kirra Kotsenburg, younger sister of Sage, who challenged the podium, but finished just outside in 4th.

All in all, it was a solid day of riding from this group of ams, and it all leads into what should be another exciting final on Sunday for snowboard superpose.

Men's Snowboard Slopestyle Results
1. Kent Callister, 80.50
2. Mark Reininga, 79.50
3. Wylie Adams, 79.25
4. Jack Dawe, 78.25
5. Armeen Pirooz, 75.75
6. Brandon Davis, 70.25
7. Garrett Warnick, 64.50
8. Dillon Wilson, 64.50
9. Caden Michnal, 36.25
10. Josh Glen, 28.25
11. Adam Giola, 26.25
12. Tyler Macrae, 24.00
13. Chazz Roberts, DNS

Women's Snowboard Slopestyle Results
1. Brooke Voigt, 73.25
2. Nirvana Ortanez, 71.25
3. Jessika Jenson, 68.50
4. Kirra Kotsenburg, 67.75
5. Kelly Berger, 65.00
6. Lauren Tamposi, 61.75
7. Jamie Madrid, 53.25
8. Shannon Branthoover, 40.00
9. Devyn Schnake, DNS

Kent Callister

Mark Reininga

Wylie Adams

Jack Dawe

Armeen Pirooz

Brandon Davis

Garrett Warnick

Dillon Wilson

Caden Michnal

Josh Glen

Adam Giola

Tyler Macrae

Chazz Roberts

Brooke Voigt

Nirvana Ortanez

Jessika Jenson

Kirra Kotsenburg

Kelly Berger

Lauren Tamposi

Jamie Madrid

Shannon Branthoover

Devyn Schnake